Episode 11 - 3000 Years of Todd Howard

  • waka, Caleb and Ben talk about what they've been playing
  • Ben and waka realise JRPGs just might not be for them
  • Oceanhorn 2 and how the team manages to consistently get away with releasing Zelda games (optical illusion and dunkey Paladins video for reference)
  • Mario x Rabbids RPG rumor
  • Caleb almost literally descends into incoherence forever destroying the possibility of ever recovering normality to the podcast in any stretch of the word's meaning.

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Episode 10 - Gustav Never Sleeps

  • Ben laments the loss (cancelation) of Scalebound
  • Some more follow-up on the Switch's region unlocking, user interface, colors, potential demand, among other things
  • Dead Rising leaks and the law
  • Gabe Newell's AMA
  • waka beat The Last Guardian and wants to rant about it (don't worry, no spoilers)

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Episode 9 - Break My TV and Eat My Gamepad

That's right. We're back.

Ben, Caleb, Joey and waka reunite to kick off and share the excitement for 2017. On this week's episode:

  • We take a look back to the start of Hot KoCode 3 years ago;
  • Take a deep breath and share an in-depth analysis of the Nintendo Switch event;
  • Rekindle our collective excitement for what's to come in 2017, and
  • ...remind you all that with our grand return comes our mailbag as well!

NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties (read: incredible stupidity on waka's part), waka's microphone sounds absolutely terrible. Joey's editing has saved this episode as well as made sure that your ears won't bleed, and the worst part is the beginning; but keep it mind that it won't sound the best here and there. We're working hard on improving the way Hot KoCode sounds and making sure it's a stellar audio experience—and we're hoping this week will be the one exception to the rule.

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Episode 8 - Bearless

We're back once again! Ben, Joey and waka get together one last time before hyping up E3 with the full cast. (i.e. when Caleb stops being a bear) This week we talk about:

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Episode 7 - Big Thing for Cars

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Episode 6 - Virtually Ridiculous

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Episode 5 - British Urbandictionary

Aaaand we're back!

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Episode 4 - waka Lied First

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Episode 3 - But We Talked About Blank Before

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Episode 2 - The Research Fire

  • Turntable.fm and Winamp shutting down.
  • CES stuff, such as:
    • The obligatory Michael Bay gaffe;
    • Steam Machines and their controller.
  • Rants about Nintendo, including:
  • Guile's and Punch-Out!! themes in hockey.
  • Some obligatory Smash Bros. discussion (including Sakurai's potential perpetual retirement from the series).
  • 50 Cent and his sudden engagement with the "incomplete" Minecraft.
  • Criterion, its departing co-founders, and the state of Burnout.
  • DRM in games, and whether or not game launchers are becoming ridiculous.
  • Region-locking and waka's strong, uninformed opinion against it.
  • Nvidia's Tegra K1 GPU for phones.
  • Smart watches, earpieces and other smart things that are trying to monitor every waking (or sleeping!) aspect of your life.
  • Science Time with Caleb - This episode's topic: Cordyceps.
  • ...featuring waka's spontaneous interruption on The Last of Us and how he hates stealth so much.
  • What we've been playing during these first few weeks of 2014.
  • Also featuring an emotional moment where we thank you guys for all the support so far.

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Episode 1 - Year in Review

Welcome to Hot KoCode by the Fire. On our first episode, our uninformed opinions and rants include topics related to:

  • Next-gen launches and their respective successes and failures.
  • Gearbox Software and their passion for making games such as Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • Kickstarter and why it shouldn't suck.
  • The Ouya, accompanied by Rocco and his videos about it.
  • LOTS of Google discussion, including Google+ and why we think it might be a social network... subtraction. (Hah)
  • General Google rants, including the Reader shutdown soliloquy brought to you by waka.
  • Google Glass, and mobile device privacy concerns.
  • Microsoft, their priorities, and downright-hilarious policy 180s.
  • Windows 8 and the Surface.
  • Rareware and Microsoft's apparently careless management.
  • Our GOTY thoughts and disappointments, including BioShock Infinite and Warframe.
  • Bitcoins! Including a very abstract and possibly downright wrong description of how bitcoin mining works.
  • Valve and what the hell they might be up to, or not, as the case may be - including Half Life 3 and its potential for Duke-Nuking itself.
  • Nintendo Directs, and the future of E3 spectacle-announcements.
  • The Spike VGAs, and the relevance of awards as well as a 'game of the year'.
  • Our expectations for 2014.
  • Caleb's birthday!

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Intro: Pictionary (NES) Title Theme
Outro: Allison Adams Tucker - "L'Homme Que J'Adore" - The Saboteur Soundtrack

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